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From 1940 through April 17, 1944, the American Car & Foundry produced 15,224 Stuart Light Tanks for the United States Army and Marines and the Lend-Lease Program for the Allies.

 M2A4              1940 1941                                        365 tanks in Berwick



March 1941 Oct 1942

June 1941 – January 1943

4526 tanks in Berwick

1285 tanks in St. Charles, MO


May 1942 - Feb 1943

August 1942 Oct 1942

4410 tanks in Berwick

211 tanks in St. Charles, MO


Sept 1942 Sept 1943

3427 tanks in Berwick


October 1943 April 1944

1000 tanks in Berwick


Historic Significance

The Stuart Tank is not just a significant part of the History of Berwick, it played a significant role in United States and World History. 

The Stuart Tank was the first US Tank designed to function independently, with a top speed of 35 mph. Previous tanks were designed specifically for infantry support with a top speed of only 10 mph.

  The M2A4 was the first US Military Tank to be built on an assembly line. Previous US-built tanks were individually fabricated at the various US Arsenals, particularly the Rock Island Arsenal.

  The M3 was the first Tank included in the Lend-Lease Program as part of the Arsenal of Democracy.

  The Stuart Tank was utilized by all Allied armies in all War Theatres: North Africa, Europe, Asia, Pacific, including Alaska and Antarctica.

ACF - Berwick was the largest producer of armor plate at the time, producing at least 10% of all armor plate for the US Military at the time.

  Every armored vehicle produced in the US for World War II utilized at least some Berwick armor plate.

  1 in every 8 armored vehicles produced in the US for World War II was built at ACF Berwick.

  ACF Berwick was the only manufacturer at the time with its own ballistics testing range. Other manufacturers were required to ship their products to the Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland for testing.

American Car & Foundry, Berwick, PA was selected by Hitler as one of 19 targets for his

Amerika Bomber” Program.

 At its peak ACF – Berwick employed 9135 workers from 177 municipalities in northeastern Pennsylvania.  At peak production Stuart Light Tanks were being produced by ACF at a rate of 40 per day. This was in addition to the millions of artillery shells, hundreds of rail cars and other miscellaneous items produced at the plant.  Following completion of the 155224th Stuart Tank, ACF – Berwick was contracted to produce 10,000 D7 bulldozers for the US Army.

At the ceremony marking the production of the 15,224th and final Start Tank, a copy of this letter was presented to each employee:





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